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My trip to London

The first half of day,
I looked for my stay,
And found it after I paid 25 pounds on a train ticket and a tube one. (Oh, and what a train, and God, was that THE tube ?!) Let me just refresh:
I made my first journey from Luton (the low budget airline airport) to King’s Cross, St Pancras station, walked outside, my mouth literally opened in puzzlement and eyes just a tiny bit watery ... and saw the cabs. Those were my first punches of Londoon, baby! Black, funny looking, two-bench space in the back, immigrant drivers and wheels on the right,
in a cold morning light.
Asked around to find the tube and encountered smiling, clean, English faces, and perfect accents.
And God, were those people polite,
To my desperate delight!
It took us half an hour to understand what’s up with the oysters, the numerous lanes and the enormous fares of underground transportation. There are, in my opinion, things a tourist should know about London’s tube: first, it is constantly under repair or construction; then, these oysters are a kind of subscription that can get you the best deal; thirdly, there’s a voice one is likely to be scared at first, reminding you to ”Mind the gap” (between the tube and the platform,
as though you are stupid enough
to miss it).
But except the marshmallow fluff,
That is when my love for London lit: holding the tube map,
Whilst minding the gap.
When we arrived, (we of course descended at the wrong station and walked a 10 minute ride with a 10 kilo backpack.
After which I tricked my boyfriend to become a luggage rack.
-It was his fault, anyway,
Having to walk all that way-)
we left our bags at the hotel and in a couple of minutes we were back at the tube, heading for Camden town
A part of the city that’s renown.
When I walked outside, I instantly felt alive. Camden is somewhere in the north, the place where you can bargain clothes and eat different cuisines right off the streets. Just go for a hike
And find all the punkers you like.
We walked to the centre and had a mouthful of real London. Then we climbed the Double Decker
and saw the streets from up-high.
I just couldn’t stop taking photos and felt bad about every blink of the eye,
cause all the while
I felt like missing either a hidden corner, or a certain smile
and I just had to see them all.
After that, we descended at St Paul’s
Then walked some more
And took the tube home.
We ended our night in exclusive manner at an event: dinner in the prestigious Mayfair, the select borough where all the expensive hotels are to be found. Had the finest champagne, drank expensive wine, ate sophisticated food, all that whilst seating on my tush,
laughing at a famous British comedian
impersonating Bush.
As my feet became adjusted to the lavishness inside, we found it too difficult to take the bus,
Thought: what’s the fuss?
And shared a cab home.

The next day we headed for Teddington. Teddington is a suburban area outside of London, mostly
residential, cluttered with shops and extremely rich. I ate a burger in a restaurant served by a Romanian speaking Maria, had an afternoon stroll,
spent some time in an open space office , then went home.
That night we headed for Camden, had some Thai,
sat next to two girls in junior-high
who spent have an hour eating and another half doing make-up and straightening their hair - for clubbing, I may suspect.
After that we took the Decker to Soho, went inside a pub, sat at the window and ordered white wine.
Caught the last tube home and slept like a child.
The third day we went to Big Ben, walked along Thames, the water like satin
and stopped to eat latin.
We also stepped in the National Theatre to get a glimpse of the landscape photographer of the Year exhibition, which I though was great,
then hurried to Tate.
I should mention the Picasso and the Monet that I felt particularly interested in, all that adorned with erotic short films and a black hole sculpture which made my day. Then,
we walked on the Millennium Bridge, reached St Paul’s again
after which,
a Decker to London’s Bridge, a visit to the loo and my afternoon nap.
We woke up and went to Tesco, where I saw people checking and paying for their food, no cashier to help, no intention to cheat. Took a bottle of Captain Morgan Rum, drank it at a friend’s and hit the road to Soho.
Again, restaurant and wine, last ones to leave the place,
after which 10 pounds to enter a filthy club that was rather base,
tequila and drinks,
then searched for bus links
to get back home.
The last day was spent mostly in haste. We hurried for Harrods, stopped at Victoria and Albert Museum and took an hour to gaze,
then bought coffee and drank it on the way.
We arrived late in the afternoon at Covent, sat down, ate olives with garlic, fish and chips
and had some sips
of London’s pride beer.
Then just wandered around on London’s avenues and enjoyed it while it lasted. I remember seeing a person who I believe was the richest man I’ve ever been close to: kind of like an oil American man, with a huge designer hat and low heel shoes, enjoying a cigar in front of Ritz, then throwing it away with the most elegant gesture. Later that night we took a bus from Trafalgar and headed home.
One thing I truly regret: not going to see a musical. But there’s plenty of time on my next trip to London - revisited.
And then I'll have my heart to feed.
as well.
Cause that's a place I shall dwell.

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ode to my friends

s-a terminat, bineinteles, din nou, inca ceva. un ceva mai mare si mai drag, care chiar de nu a fost mereu cum am visat, m-a implinit cu suflete frumoase si zambete calde. chiar sunt frumoase, si, da, chiar sunt calde. asa ca vreau sa-mi cant prietenele, scumpele, dragele, pe care le voi tine mereu aproape de mine, chiar de peste un an, sau doi, sau trei, o fi sa ajungem peste tari si mari, si o fi sa ne mai auzim doar rar.
asa ca, iulik, te iubesc. cand ne-am intalnit peste masa aia lunga, in curtea cu gaini, cu cativa caini si o pisica (eu asa tin minte), nu nascoceam o prietenie. si ana, la fel. ce m-as fi facut eu fara munca noastra in echipa? si fara slims-uri? :P si fara amintirea vamii, a cafelelor si a berilor din jeg? discutiilor despre impliniri, viitor, idei, afaceri? si a obsesiilor, de tot soiul, impletite in diamenturi si nebunii? :P si gabi, cine imi mai spune mie cat de frumos e berlinul? cine imi mai aminteste cat de maret este sa vrei sa scrii, sa o faci si sa te poti citi in reviste celebre? o sa imi amintesc mereu de ziua noastra cu rochia verde, cu ceaiul pe trepte si de strada mantuleasa. si adina, capitolele noastre au cam flamanzit, trebuie sa corespondam mai des. cand trec saptamani sau luni fara sa vorbim, atunci cand te vad, vorbesc intr-una. pentru ca noi doua mereu o sa avem ce sa ne spunem. si cu tine in echipa, nimeni nu ne intrece la mima. sau la petreceri.
mi-e dor de prietene vechi, pe care nu le mai aud, dar care sunt inca langa mine. mi-e dor de alex, mi-e dor tare. si de cori. si de belu. si de fete.

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